Ashley Browne

Uses of the Erotic


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Ashley Browne is a visual artist whose practice encompasses video, experimental animation, and computer-generated images. Her interests range from ancestral history, her current and past environments, coevolution, and the world that is beyond the limits of human understanding. Thinking about power and agency over the digital, her work stems to investigate this same power in people and society, distinctly in perspectives of race, gender, and accessibility. She earned her BFA from the University of Florida, and has recently received an MFA at the Ohio State University.


Maybe truth will never exist in the present. Gaps will always appear, in the spaces where our memory can no longer stretch, resting at the line where it fails and where it aids us. In its place, fiction steps in, it brings to us what we desire, what we think we know— fills in the empty spaces and continuously expands like some kind of jelly that overflows and spills onto our hands. And that is where we question, when the overflow seems too good to be true and it knows us better than we know ourselves.

I’ve been interested in these empty spaces of my own memory, as it relates to my childhood and family history. Here, in these worlds that I can build through fiction, I give myself the room to speculate what could have been and what was lost. Sometimes based in reality, in dreams, in dark places, ritual, the writing always becomes the work in which I am striving to bring myself into the world. Creating and destroying myself over and over again, in this cycle where I look for what does not exist and so I make my own.

The digital becomes a special place in which it’s form can take on the unimaginable, where such tools allow one to create new relationships and new realities. I envision it as a void, a space in which it is yours to fill and make known.

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