Mitch Vicieux

Borrowed Time

Mitch E. Vicieux (they/them) is a queer cartoonist from Southern Maryland. Dissecting the
interdisciplinary potential of comic arts, their practice investigates the construction of gender & body through visual mass media. They earned an MFA in Art & Technology at The Ohio State University and a BA in Digital Media from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Inviting a global
perspective to their work, Mitch has studied animation in Florence, Italy and popular culture
theory in Tokyo, Japan.

Currently, Mitch serves as the Graduate & Continuing Studies Coordinator at Columbus College of Art & Design and as Outreach Manager for the AWAY AI Art Collective.

During my journey as an maker, I’ve been blessed with mentorship from elder queers- an
experience denied to many by the egregious mishandling of the AIDS crisis. The pandemic
ignited a new wave of death for the older and at-risk members of the LGBTQ+ community.
Through my mentor and his husband, I met Paul Andrews, a musician expressing these losses
in “Borrowed Time”, off his album FROM THE DISTANCE. Paul composed a song dripping with
metaphor, a morose reflection of our fleeting mortality disguised as a retro-fusion bop. Pulling from his pandemic grief alongside our generational losses in the queer community, Paul trusted me to reanimate his journey in neon technicolour. In constant collaboration, we carefully curated our visual lexicon to bring our community’s loss to a universal grief motif. Working with Paul reminded me to cherish each moment spent with my community, as we are all living on borrowed time.

Paul Andrew’s Website
Mitch Vicieux’s Website

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