Victor Galles


Feel in your eyes, cathode rays, blood streams and RAM memory, an exciting world of knowledge and possibilities offered by the eth_OS system. What you idealize is within the reach of the machine, even (self) destruction.


eth_OS is an experimental film, where visual, sound and montage practices are applied in various multimedia collections from web archives, deconstructing them and creating new narratives. The experiment is a reflection of the contemporary world, of the paths and social paradoxes in cybernetic and urban environments, increasingly insane and saturated, also regarding the main means of mass communication, which spread knowledge and facilities as they also misinform and intoxicate, when there is no critical sense. The quick montage of “eth_OS”, in addition to being a rehearsal of synesthesia and reaction, is a reflection of the lack of time and anxiety in the capitalist system.

Victor Galles is brazilian a multimedia artist who seeks expression through video editing and deconstruction of various medias to experiment with new ways of creating audiovisual and graphic pieces. His art is centered on the use of sound and video collections, generative art and analog captures, working in the video art scene, these being signed as Datajunkz, his audiovisual research laboratory. Television, computers, video games and electronic music are particularities that move and inspire his work, always looking for a way to highlight reprocessed or damaged fragments that it is possible to generate through the programs, but also use the sensitive and critical means of manual editing in software, joining the mechanical to the automatic to tell stories.

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