Wes Weisbaum + Nicky Wanamaker

My Pretty Woman Is A Real Handsome Man


My Pretty Woman Is A Real Handsome Man:

A spoken word video poem shot on Hi-8 in Los Angeles, CA. The poem paints the relationship between two queer individuals that enables them to see and recount the other side, the weight of having to hide. Through the support of a trans femme they come to realize their are others, fluid, free, and like they/them. It is Trans joy as resistance, collectively healing existence.


Wes Weisbaum is an award winning multimedia artist living in Los Angeles, CA. They are currently completing their MFA in Photography and Media at the California Institute of the Arts. Focused primarily in poetry and filmmaking their work touches on the intersections of their identity as a trans salvadoran-American in the San Fernando Valley. Rendering Homemovie HI-8 to a contemporary cinematic state.

The process is the statement, with collaborative hands from poem, band, to birth of what word and sound visually demand. Formulating friction between the senses in conscious and unconscious defenses. Of avant-garde, no wave, and fluxus style free-form that led experimentation reborn. In conversation with the confessionalist poets, their work aims to abstract then show it.

Nicky Wanamaker is a multi-media filmmaker with a focus in video poetry and sound.  Originally from a small town in Michigan–and after a long and winding journey across America–they are now Los Angeles based.  Attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, Nicky dropped out to live the American (Artist) Dream. 

A keen believer in the avant-garde, they experiment with different formats, such as: 16mm film, Super 8, VHS-C, and digital.  Inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol, Charlie Chaplin, and Yoko Ono, Nicky sees themselves as a jack of all trades, who’s focus touches on more than one medium.

Nicky’s films and writing touch on themes of queer identity, mental health, and abuse.  To convey their stories, Nicky uses simple dialogue and meaningful mise-en-scene.

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