yi li Yeh

Turtle, Deer and 2 Monsters

I intend to create art by incorporating human bodies as objects and sculptural objects into an environment. With such an approach, those elements interchangeably become landscape/scenes for each other under the context of “Scene・Object.” Further extending the stylistic context of “Scene・Object” series, I regard human bodies as non-organic and rational things and randomly juxtapose them in an environment with sculptural objects and ready-mades. The quality of playfulness from such an artistic creational process is an instinctive reaction that I continuously seek for in my own art. Finally, I mix those humanity sceneries perceived at that moment with fragments in my memories and make new presentation through re-permutating those elements.

There are no scripts or drafts for the re-permutation of human bodies as objects, sculptural objects and environment as creational site. Moreover, in daily life that time is always eclipsing, what kind of “object” can be kept or preserved by me and which “scenes” will become fragments of memory? The somber and aloof disregarding can be seen as my escapology from the reality, trace of my life, my relic-like behavior, and the false-mingled-with-truth “LOST” landscapes of my life.

Yi-li Yeh b. 1973
Yeh often captures nutrition from the popular culture and living environment, and adopts life experiences as her creative motivation. Her artworks explore the interpersonal relationship and the relationship between people and nature; she chooses the physical body as the medium to shuttle between space and time. With the child-like playful instinct, through the form of on-site action art, Yeh dresses up as magical monsters, fairies, villains and other characters, and walks in civilized cities or leisurely nature; “In the game” is just like “in the process of creating” in art, which is the most important part of artistic creation. For the three-dimensional artworks in the “Scene. Object” series, Yeh intends to incorporate vocabularies of the times with porcelain and ceramics, the ancient medium. She applies the stacking technique of sculpture and adds ready-made objects by intercepting their existing shapes to make the interesting form of the artworks.

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