Johannes Gerard

steadily flowing – steadily moving

The work reflects contrasting thoughts. On the one hand about the more general points of view and on the other hand from a very personal point of view related to me Water symbolizes life, the purest form of nourishment, and is the element that holds everything together in nature. Water stands for purity, clarity and meditation. Water can be uncontrollable, menacing, devastating, and deadly. But to me, deep down, water symbolizes two metaphors. Water can reflect an unreachable horizon in the distance. For the menace and loneliness of a troubled mind that can no longer find peace

Nearly all of work approach and interprets a subject or theme in a very metaphorical and symbolic way. There is hardly any work of mine which approach a subject with a direct obvious statement.
The subjects in my work have a vision towards identity, relationships (between human and human-environment), transition, crossing borders, inner strife, limits, loss, loneliness, sexual /gender issues, time, destruction, death in the context of the project location respectivly where I stay.
I am interested in isolating these subjects respectively objects, cataloging them, analyzing them and studying them in detail. Deepening the context in which they find themselves, how they differ from one place to another, neighborhoods or communities. How autonomous are the spaces or objects within the social, urban and rural envirnoments and how they relate to and connect with each other.

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