Mansi Maheshwari

Left Overs

A middle aged single woman’s desperate attempt to find a friend after the trauma of a ‘no show’ at her birthday party. She self invites herself into her neighbour’s house seeking sympathy. Things start to go wrong when the neighbour is also interested in this friendship.

Leftovers is a representation of loneliness in the elderly. The desperation bourn of the trauma of the loss of loved ones or the ones who decided to leave.

The film simply shows how companionship might be a cake to share for some while a corpse to live with forever for the other. It can be dangerous. Trust when mixed with desperation can be venomous. The corruption you see in them but choose to ignore because of the desperation.

This story is special to me because I grew up with my great grandmother and my grand mother, both widowed at a really young age of 30. A woman and her mother in law. Not the ideal relationship. They lived their whole life in the company of each other and sometimes, the “neighbours”. Neighbours are a big part of the life of the elderly.
The style of the film is carefully chosen. It creates an environment of nothingness. There’s everything but not quite enough. There’s a tap, there’s a table. There’s chair to sit on, a light and a fan. What else do you need? The “minimal need” of things is contrasted with the need to consume a person in order to feel complete.

I grew up in a small town near New Delhi, India. For as long as I can remember, people have been asking me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I always had an answer for them. Suddenly they stopped asking and I realised, I had grown up, at least according to them. When they stopped asking , I actually started thinking. What did I want to be? A detective, a pop star, a teacher, an archaeologist or maybe even a wife. I couldn’t choose. I wanted to do it all. So I decided to be a filmmaker. It gave me the superpower of being everything one at a time.
I studied knitwear design at National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Then covid hugged all of us and in its warm embrace I made 13 animated films ranging from 5seconds to 20 minutes. I started my MA in Directing Animation at National Film and Television School in 2022. And I’ll update this as more things happen.

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